Naos Section

There are three mosaic panels in the nave. One of them is the Death of Mary (Koimesis) on the west wall, above the main door. The other two are the templon panels on both sides of the bema.

Koimesis - the scene of Mary's death

Mary of Hodegetria

In this scene, which is called Hodegetria guiding Mary, Mary, who carries the child Jesus in her arms, looks at Jesus thoughtfully.

Jesus Christ and the Bible

In this scene, seen to the left of the Naos, Jesus is holding an open Bible. "Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you peace" is written inside the Gospel.

Koimesis - Mary's Death Scene

Mary lay in her last sleep on the sarcophagus covered with fabrics. The crowd gathered in sorrow is seeing her off to her last journey. In the halo of light that Seraphim descends to the earth, Jesus embraces the soul of Mary, seen in the form of a baby. Jesus embraces his mother with his hands covered and is surrounded by angels. The angel flies the halo and pulls it towards heaven, adding movement to the scene. In the background, two angels fly over the weeping women. Apostle Peter is seen with a censer in his hand. Paul, on the other hand, looks obliquely towards Mary from the foot. The other apostles are accompanied by a very sad Paul. The decorations on the marble lintel just below this scene show a relief of birds and baskets of fruit.