Kariye Mosque

It is one of the symbolic monuments of Istanbul with its artistic and historical features.

Kariye Camii Anasayfa


When the adventure of the Kariye Mosque in its historical journey is analysed, it is possible to see how important a guide it is that carries the past to the present.

Kariye, which is a part of the historical and cultural richness of Istanbul with its multi-layered structure, is a unique historical document with its architectural style, space design, dimensions, decorative elements such as mosaics, frescoes and various period additions. It constitutes one of the richest and most surviving examples not only in Istanbul but also in the whole world of late Roman art.

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Architectural Features

The Kariye Mosque, which looks like a simple building with its stone and brick walls when viewed from the outside, is a work of art strengthened by the mosaic decorative elements inside.

The building took its present form after major construction and restoration works in different periods.

Kariye consists of five main architectural units. The outer narthex, the inner narthex, the naos, the two-storey annex on the north side and the parekklesion on the south side.

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One of the symbolic monuments of Istanbul with its artistic and historical features "Kariye Mosque"

Restoration Works

Mosaics and Frescoes

Apart from being vivid, natural works that give a sense of movement, the mosaics stage various stories in the background.

Mosaics and frescoes were made in a chronological order. In the inner narthex, the life of the Blessed Virgin, in the outer narthex, the life story of Jesus Christ and the scenes of the miracles he performed. In the parekklesion section, there are religious stories from the Old Testament and scenes depicting the Day of Judgement.